ONE condoms and Oasis lube

✯✯✯✯ (4 stars)


Retail: Mixed Pleasures Condoms (12 pack): £9.99, OASIS lube (100ml): £7.99

Brand: ONE (available on the website or at Superdrug)

First Impressions 

I’ll begin this by saying that I am a self-professed condom and lube hater. I have always found condoms physically irritating (despite not having a latex allergy) and I hate the stickiness and residue of some lubes, so I’m surprised that I’m giving a post like this 4 stars.

I based my rating on a number of variables, and was desperately trying to not let my general hatred for these products influence my opinion. Luckily, that wasn’t a problem because I was pleasantly surprised!

The pack of condoms I had were the Mixed Pleasures, I was especially excited about this as it included a GLOW IN THE DARK one, which made my week. Different types included were: Hyperthin, Flavor Waves, Super Studs, Pleasure Dome, Tantric Pleasures, and Glowing Pleasures.

As always the ONE condom brand are fantastic at designing their packets, the solid colour on the back is vibrant and represents the condom inside, and on the front are suggestions of the type, EG. the Glowing ones have a lighthouse with green light on one, and a green electrical style on the other. This already sets it apart from other brands. The packet also invites you to submit your own designs on the website, which I think is a wonderful touch.

So now onto the condoms themselves. The glow in the dark one really does glow, it’s neon green and takes only a small amount of light charging to retain a really bright glow that takes a LONG time to fade. Pretty much all of them achieve what they claim, the Vanish feels super thin and although it doesn’t feel the same as not using on at all, it’s the closest you’re probably going to get. Despite the thin latex I didn’t feel as if it would break easily, which is obviously the ideal for condoms!

The only one I was slightly disappointment by was the Tantric Pleasures, I was really exited for the tribal pattern and wondered how it would feel, but honestly I couldn’t feel it at all. Obviously the idea for condoms is to be thin but I feel as if condoms with a specific pattern should be thick enough on the design for it to be felt, otherwise it just feels like a novelty.

The lube: The one thing that I was looking for in this was any potential residue or stickiness from the lube. One thing I hate after sex is feeling like you have to shower to get the lube off, this is a problem that I’ve even had with water based lubes before, as this one was. However, again, I was pleasantly surprised, There was no stickiness, it worked perfectly with the condoms (which aren’t over lubricated themselves so don’t make a mess when you’re putting them on) and there was no residue. I feel as if this really helped this brand get the 4 star rating, as I was thrilled that I could finally use lube without being preoccupied by the mess it would inevitably leave.

It also has a wonderful smooth texture, and doesn’t feel particularly slimy or gross which some lubes do-I’m not a squeamish person but some are awful. I was incredibly pleased with this lube and it is definitely my new go-to.


The only issues I found were the feel of the Tantric Pleasures one (or lack thereof) and as much as I love the packaging, as it’s round there’s a part of me that’s afraid (irrationally so) of tearing into the condom as I open the packet. I’m not sure if the pleasure dome design actually made any difference, I didn’t feel any, but that could be down to me not using condoms enough to compare the specifics.

Final thoughts

Overall, I was thrilled with this brand, the packaging is great on both the condoms and lube, it doesn’t feel cheap despite being cheaper than most other brands on the market (WHY ARE CONDOMS SO EXPENSIVE?!) and I’m just thrilled at the prospect of not having to dread the next time I need to use a condom or lube!



DISCLAIMER as always the opinions expressed in these reviews are my personal opinion and not intended to harm the company or individuals mentioned or associated. Pictures are my own or from

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