Climax Rechargeable Power Wand



Name: Climax Rechargeable Power Wand

Retail: £60

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers (CLIMAX technology)

Type: wand, vibrator, external, massager

Properties: 11.5inches (tip to end of handle), USB charging, 8 speeds, 20 vibration patterns

First Impressions

Wow. So…

I wasn’t sure about this product, I’ve wanted a wand for a while but only because I thought the hype was probably a little overstated, but even though I hate to admit this, I was wrong.

If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know that I never have much luck with any clit stim that isn’t pointed or specifically targeted-this was the main source of my skepticism, but with the insane power this wand provides it doesn’t need to be targeted. I’m not sure how they’ve done it, but this wand is truly magic, it manages to target vibrations without creating such a general tickle of buzz elsewhere. I’m not sure what kind of black magic witchcraft was used to make this, but this is my kind of witch doctor.

Speaking of doctors (long stretch, I know) this is a fantastic massager too. Any aches or pains even deep in your back-this thing will work. I sleep in the strangest positions (and with a 5 foot teddy instead of pillows) so as you can imagine I wake up a lot with aches or pull muscles in my back and stomach the second I sit up. I also (tentatively-and PLEASE know what you’re doing before you do this) used it on my neck. I would never usually advise using any powerful vibrations on your head or neck, because in case you were unaware, those nerves and that big squishy organ of yours are both quite important for you know…living. But in short, mild (if there’s such thing with this wand) bursts on the muscles around that area, it was fantastic for neck pain and tension headaches.

Another use I found for this beauty was helping with cramps. I get the WORST cramps when I’m menstruating, sometimes I can’t move at all (shout out to mild PCOS), and as my vagina has been hating me this month (yes, month) bleeding on and off; I felt almost as if I were cheating death by picking up my wand and magically making those cramps disappear.

This wand made another claim, that I was also skeptical of, that the vibrations are targeted away from the handle. This is an issue with toys with handles, in that it can make the holder’s hand go numb very quickly, which isn’t useful for you or your partner (if you even need one after purchasing this). Surprisingly, it works very well, my hand didn’t go numb once from holding the handle, but did so very quickly when I held the head.


The ONLY thing I’ll say is that the plastic on the handle does feel a little cheap, I understand that the head is weighty but even covering the handle with a silicone or faux leather finish would have made it look a little less cheap.

Final thoughts

I understand that £60 is a lot, and you can get cheaper wands on the market, but this is something that I promise you will benefit from having in your collection. Also, once you’ve bought it, you don’t have to spend extra on expensive batteries, which is an issue with a lot of toys and the joy of rechargeable ones!

I would absolutely recommend it to anyone even just as a massager/for cramps if not for sexual pleasure. To the beautiful Ann Summers employee who told me this was a good choice (haven’t asked permission to name her), I concede to your wisdom and apologise for ever being skeptical *bows*.


DISCLAIMER as always these reviews are my own personal opinion and are not meant to harm or reflect on any company, manufacturer, or individual mentioned or associated. All images from

Stay sexy.

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