Tyes by Tara Bombshell Niptyes


Name: Bombshell Nipyes

Retail: $11 (approx. £7.77) https://www.tyesbytara.com/collections/niptyes-nipple-clamps/products/bombshell-nipple-clamps

Shop/brand: Tyes by Tara

Type: Niptyes, nipple clamps, accessories

Properties: silk, handcrafted (also available in pink with transparent rings)

First Impressions

The Niptyes came very quickly from the US in very careful and beautiful packaging. The Tyes came in a well-sealed sleek, flat, white box, with pink tissue paper adn the Tyes by Tara logo and business card inside. The packing had obviously had thought put into it and had more of a personal handmade feel than feeling mass produced and impersonal.

When I first picked up the Niptyes, I was unsure as to whether they would be strong enough to hold onto, and stay attached to, my nipples. However, despite being plastic they are very flexible and fit on the nipple very well, without pinching too hard. This was perfect for me as I’m not the biggest fan of tight nipple clamps.

These are definitely for aesthetic purposes, with the bows being made from soft silk and the actual loops being perfect for beginners to the bondage game. I can imagine that these would work perfectly with a lace or see-through bodysuit or shirt, or a cami or bra with peep holes for the nipples.

Like most of the Tyes by Tara pieces, these would not stand being pulled tightly on, and would separate from the nipple easily, once again this isn’t a bad thing if you’re not into nipple pain play and would mean that they would be painless if caught in clothing.


Usually, with this kind of product I’d suggest that it be better to have options of tighter clamps, however, all of the products on the Tyes by Tara website appear to be very delicate and made to accessorise the body rather than to act purely as bondage toys.

Final thoughts

These little Niptyes are fantastic for teasing your partner and if you like nipple play without the pain. Personally, I’d have to wear them with a peephole bra as my breasts are quite large and therefore need supporting, but for those ladies lucky enough to have smaller or perkier breasts these would look divine on their own. They’re definitely worth the price if you’re new to these kinds of accessories and you prefer a more personal touch.

Love Drop UK date night subscription box


Name: Love Drop date night subscription box

Retail: £44.99 (every other month)

Shop/Brand: Love Drop UK

Type: Mixed subscription box

Properties: Includes toy (vibrator), cards, candle, chocolate, samples

First Impressions

I was excited for this box and impressed at how quickly it arrived, 3 days after ordering. It is a large, simple, cardboard box with the Love Drop logo on the top and the tag line “We promise to try whatever arrives” on the front. Upon opening the box I was pleased to find a Marilyn Monroe quote on a large piece of card that stated “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”

I also saw (and became very excited about) a LELO box. The toy included in this first box released at the beginning of December is the Lelo Nea clit vibe. It was a beautiful little object valued at £69 (according to the leaflet in the box and other toy websites), so this already surpassed the cost of the box. A full review of this product is on its way.

Also included in this box were LoveDrop’s own prompt cards, which give couple saucy ideas for fun together including ideas such as ‘You must make a meal for your partner totally in the nude’, and ‘ask your partner 3 sexy things they’d like to try in 2018’. These are great ideas but I felt they could also be used by couples where they ‘cash in’ their favourite one with their partner.

Probably my favourite item in the box (besides the toy) was the candle. The ‘Melt Co. ‘Joy’ candle (RRP £8.95 according to the box leaflet). It smells wonderful, and i was excited to light it. It came in a silver tin and has a large wick for a great glow.

I haven’t tried them yet, but the box also came with LELO condom and lube or ‘body moisturiser’ samples which will compliment the toy perfectly. The small bar of fair-trade chocolate was also a nice touch.


As a first box I can’t think of many improvements, hopefully in time there will be the option for boxes aimed towards homosexual couples, and maybe even a smaller box for single people!

Final thoughts

I was very impressed with this box and it didn’t let me down. The contents are wonderful and the LoveDrop own brand items are beautifully printed and very professional and elegant looking. I have a lot of hope for LoveDropUK for the future and would highly recommend the box to anyone looking for date night ideas or mystery toys! If you’re worried about the price, don’t be-you can cancel your subscription any time and if you keep an eye out on LoveDrop mailing list or social media you’re guaranteed to find a discount code or two!


Happy dating!





DISCLAIMER as always the opinions expressed in these reviews are my own opinion and are not meant to cause harm or slander to any companies or individuals mentioned or associated.

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