Intense vibrating dildo flogger


🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4 stars)


Name: Intense Vibrating Dildo Flogger

Retail: Β£40 rrp.

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers/Rocks Off

Type: Vibrating dildo with rubber chain flogger

Properties: Internal, external, BDSM, flogger, vibrator, multi speed

First Impressions

I was intrigued by this product, probably more so as it was in Ann Summers which is notoriously tame. The basic product is a rather solid feeling plastic ridged dildo with the usual Rocks Off rubber button on top. Attached is a rubber ‘chain’ that doesn’t look very brutal but damn does it sting!

The plastic feels slightly cheap but very solid and well sealed, especially when used internally. Being plastic there is no give at all so it makes a good handle b doesn’t have the flexibility that you may want from a toy designed for internal use. However, it is a novelty that also works as intended, so I didn’t really find it an issue.

It’s a good length but not so thick that it’s difficult to put in when you may not be as wet as you may need to be with soft silicone based toys. The ‘chain’ STINGS. Like, damn. That chain really has a bite and will leave a mark. No matter how gently you do it, you’re going to feel it. So if you’re into BDSM this item would be perfect for punishment.

The vibration has a number of different settings and works very well. I was concerned that as it’s solid plastic the vibrations might travel down the shaft too much and be uncomfortable or distracting, however I found that this wasn’t an issue and that the vibrations further up the shaft were strong enough to counteract anything lower down.

This item uses AAA batteries which are easy to get which makes a nice change to some of older Rocks Off toys.


The only way I can think to improve this product is to have a rubber tip so that it’s slightly softer internally, this would also help if used in the mouth but as this product isn’t designed for that I wouldn’t consider it a design flaw.

Final Thoughts

I would definintely recommend this product to more adventurous couples or those into BDSM with a sub/dom relationship. It can be harsh but pleasurable and is definitely a fun toy to have in your collection.


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