Bunny Banger

✯ (1 star)


Name: Bunny Banger

Retail: £20

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers (Cheap Thrills)

Type: Mini rabbit vibrator/clit stim

Properties: One speed, 3 insertable inches

First Impressions

I really wanted to love this, truly, I did. It could have been an absolute game changer, but unfortunately, it really wasn’t. The box is simple which is in keeping with the ‘cheap thrills’ range, the ‘basics’ of Ann Summers. the toy itself is pretty small, and although it takes two AAA batteries, it’s just not as powerful as it claims.

It has one setting which again is disappointing and instead of having a base that you twist (and therefore would have some level of control over the generous ONE setting, it’s a simple, difficult to switch, plastic on/off button; reminiscent of old MacDonalds Happy Meal toys (before they got really crap).

Not only is this toy lacking in power, but the motor has no effect on the ears, they’re just kind of there. There’s no vibration in them whatsoever, and it feels like this product may have been more successful without them-at least then it would have a slightly better insertable length.

The thing I hated most, however, was the texture. Ann Summers have, in recent years, been moving into the age of soft silicone-which is wonderful, this bunny, however, seems to be stuck back in the dark ages. It’s made out of a very cheap feeling rubbery material, which creates a huge amount of friction (which is the thing you least want on a sex toy). This means that you have no choice but to use it with lots of lube which feels like a waste for a toy with 3 inches (generous) of insertable length. I couldn’t even store the toy back in its box because I couldn’t slide it down against the cardboard- that’s how bad it is. Instead, I had to wrap it in the leaflet it came with just to get it to slide back into the box.

If I were trying to be nice, I’d argue that the rubbery texture makes it flexible, but for a toy this small that’s a completely pointless feature.


Go back in time and sack the (most likely, man) who designed this?

But seriously, better texture/material eg soft silicone, more than one setting or double motor so that the ears move too, stronger power, and slightly longer.

Final thoughts

I’m aware that this review has been incredibly scathing, and for that, I make no apologies. For £20 this toy just isn’t worth it. Take that £20 and I don’t know-hire the cheapest male prostitute you can find(?)-I promise it won’t be worse than this. The material is awful and it honestly feels like no thought had gone into it, maybe for £5 or as a free gift with another purchase? I wouldn’t recommend this at all.



DISCLAIMER: As always the views expressed on this blog are my personal opinions and are not intended to harm the companies, manufacturers, or individuals affiliated with this product. All images are from http://www.annsummers.com

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