Let’s talk about breasts…

Just like genitals, breasts are different and unique for everyone! Your breasts and the tissue inside them change consistently throughout your life due to SO many factors, they also play a huge role in feeding babies, but there’s no shame if you never had the chance/ability to do that, everyone’s different and we should embrace it! Not all cultures see breasts as anything sexual, in my opinion, I love looking at breasts (especially my own)-I think they’re a beautiful body part and personally believe that sexualisation of breasts is ultimately down to context.

First thing to acknowledge: there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ breast

Generally, your breasts suit your body, but there are several distinct types of breast:

  1. Saggy
  2. Unbalanced (hypoplastic)
  3. Tuberous
  4. Small
  5. Large
  6. Nipple pointed out
  7. Teardrop

Obviously, there are different types and terms and we could create a huge list of them all, but most people will fall into one of these categories. Personally, and this was very difficult for me to come to terms with-especially as a teenager in school changing rooms and when I became sexually active-my breasts are asymmetrical (Hypoplastic) but you know what-no one cares! Boobs are boobs and that’s enough for most people!

Why don’t I have cleavage? Not everyone with big breasts has cleavage-I don’t unless I’m wearing a special bra! This is because I have a wide rib cage, so my breasts sit apart from one another, luckily, they’re quite large and very round, which means that with the right bra they can look really good! I’ve seen a lot of these cleavage-enhancing bras around lately, with lace-up fronts. Unfortunately, these don’t really work for larger breasts or wide rib cages, and just serve to pull the very tips of your breasts together, often making them look saggier than they are-you could achieve the same effect with duct tape! A good, supportive bra should do the trick which brings me onto my next point:

GET MEASURED. If I, one of the most self-conscious people on the planet about my breasts (unnecessarily) can get measured then you can! Go every few months if you have to and always get measured again when going to a new shop. I’m 36DD in some stored, 38D in others, and even 40D in some! It’s crazy how much it changes, also make sure you get the person measuring to write down the exact measurements in inches/cm so you know for shopping online. Never be ashamed-they’ve seen it all before-and bras are expensive! Can’t be buying ones that aren’t perfect!

Finally, and I must stress this point-frequently check your breasts. Check for lumps and know your breasts, feel free to study them-be aware of moles, skin and vein anomalies, where and what colour your nipples are, and generally how big your cup size is. If you think you notice a difference, go to your GP, it’s that simple! Instead of going through it myself, I’ve put infographics from CoppaFeel and AXA PPP Healthcare below. Stay safe and stay sexy!

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