Bunny Bullet



Name: Bunny Bullet

Retail: £20

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers

Type: Bullet clit stim

Properties: Vibrating, Ears

First Impressions

There’s something that feels innately wrong about pushing a tiny animal into your clit, even if it’s bright pink and made of silicone. That said, this little bugger is powerful. It requires three LR1 (small circular) batteries and comes with six, three already in the toy and three ready to replace. I was pleasantly surprised at this, as getting hold of batteries is always something I forget to do.

The toy itself is small and could fit in the palm of your hand. It’s essentially a tiny rounded bullet inside a small silicone rabbit. Once again, I wouldn’t suggest taking the bullet out because it feels rather odd pushing it back up inside the bunny after. The whole thing vibrates but as the ears are a thinner silicone they are a bit more targeted.

I wasn’t sure which way round to use it, to begin with, but as the ears are pretty far apart, I found it worked better when I used the back side of the ears. as they’re angled slightly outwards.

The bullet is a simple click on-click off and has one speed-which is fine. Usually, I’d prefer more speeds but it is fine for a first-time toy user and is incredibly powerful anyway.


To improve this product, I would place the ears closer together and make them slightly less thin/flexible, as with too much pressure they can quite easily move from where you’ve positioned them, which can be awkward. I also would prefer it retail at around £10, £20 seems a bit steep for something so small and with only one speed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great little product for beginners and is quite a novelty, it would certainly be fun to use with a partner would make a cute little gift, too. Personally, I’ll stick with my Rocks Off bullet, but will definitely be keeping this little one in my collection. 


All images are my own or are from http://www.annsummers.com As always the opinions expressed in this post are my personal opinion and are not intended to harm or offend the brands or manufacturers mentioned. 

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