Signature Remote Control Love Egg

✯✯✯ (3 stars)


Name: Signature Remote Control Love Egg

Retail: £35

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers

Type: Remote controlled vibrator

Properties: waterproof, internal use, 10 speeds/pulses, soft silicone

First impressions

From the outset, I knew that this product might not do too much for me, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not necessarily the actual vibe itself that you would buy a love egg for; it’s much more for the experience. This means that my relationship to love eggs is a complicated one, as usual, the larger shape and general ‘buzz’ doesn’t do much for me sexually, but being able to have a remote that you can give to your partner is what really elevates this product. Also, the shape and size make it comfortable to wear out in public (if you want to be really naughty) which of course adds another layer of excitement!

The soft silicone, as usual, is wonderful to touch, and although I admit the egg does look scarily big when you first take it out of the packet, it’s a good size for insertion without causing discomfort if you’re not necessarily in the ‘mood’ at the time. The attached loop isn’t distracting when it’s hanging out and makes for easy removal.

The vibration speeds are fun to play around with but can be a bit of a surprise if your partner loses track of which setting they’ve put it on. As they can’t feel what’s happening, you have to really trust them to be nice!


Honestly, due to the nature of the product, I wouldn’t say there are many improvements, There is potential for a change in shape, and maybe some texture to be added, but as it’s made for prolonged wear, this may become uncomfortable after a while

Final thoughts

If you don’t have a love egg in your collection already-add one, especially if you have a naughty partner! Even if the actual vibrations don’t do much for you, I promise the thought of having someone else being in complete control will-especially if you dare to take it outside!

DISCLAIMER: As always, the opinions expressed in this post are my personal opinions and are not meant to cause harm or offence to the mentioned companies or products, or those who enjoy using them.

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