Rocks Off Bullet

✯✯✯✯✯ (5 stars)


Name: Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator

Retail: £10-£12.99

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers, Love Honey/Rocks Off

Type: Bullet vibe/clit stim

Properties:  3 or 7 speed (dependant on store and batch)

First impressions

It’s actually a bullet. Honestly, I hate when manufacturers call toys ‘bullets’ when really they’re just thick, rounded pill-shaped things. Not sure if any of those manufacturers have actually ever seen a bullet but I can promise you, they’re not round! So my first impression of this bullet was something along the lines of ‘damn, it’s actually a bullet shape’, which made me immediately put it in my basket. As it may be apparent from other posts, I much prefer directional toys, I don’t think I lack sensitivity, I just don’t get anything out of toys that target more than one spot. This is definitely a clit stim, the point is small but not sharp and is perfect size (unless your clit is the size of a ten pence piece which all the other ‘bullet’ manufacturers seem to think they are [Disclaimer: all women are different, if you have a massive clit I envy you-no shade!])

Anyway, back to the actual product…WOW. My first experience with this bullet and I considered just giving up on actual sex/foreplay with human beings. I haven’t yet met a man who can do what this bullet can! (Not sure if that’s more a comment on my taste in men or this toy…) The speed changes are amazing-if you want to tease yourself/a partner, but as someone with zero self-control I whacked it up to the max straight away.

The bullet itself is super simple to use, with one button which is easy to click (but not so easy you press it by accident) to change the settings, and as usual hold down that one button to turn it off-simple.


There are only two small drawbacks that I can think of for this product, one is the battery size and the other is the intensity. The batteries are hard to come by in most shops, it doesn’t take AAA like most toys, instead, it takes N-type batteries, which are smaller and less common.

The other issue isn’t specific to this product and is expected, in that the intensity greatly decreases over time as the battery wears down. The batteries last for ages but you’ll definitely notice a difference once they’re replaced!

Final thoughts

Get this bullet. Seriously. It’s perfect as a starter toy or for sex toy veterans, you can use it on men and women and use it on yourself or have someone else use it on you. It’s small and discreet and can fit easily in a handbag or lipstick case. Worth every penny.

DISCLAIMER: As always, the opinions expressed in this post are my personal opinions and are not meant to cause harm or offence to the mentioned companies or products, or those who enjoy using them.

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Rampant Rabbit: The Little Slim One

✯✯✯✯✯ (5 stars)


Name: Rampant Rabbit: The Little Slim One

Retail: £37

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers

Type: Rabbit vibrator

Properties: 7 functions in ears, 3 in shaft, internal and external use, battery powered

First impressions

From the moment I first got this vibe I knew it was going to be one of my favourites. The shape is great, the classic Ann Summers soft silicone mixed with the transparent section looked and felt great. Due to the slim size, it’s easy to insert and works well with lube. The metal balls in the middle section allow for rotation and the curved tip allows it to hit every spot and puts pressure on just the right places.

The rabbit ears on the front are perfectly placed and the strongest setting really is strong. It’s great to use with just the ears alone but with the internal shaft as well it works brilliantly.

The buttons/functions are easy to use and you don’t have to hold anything down to turn it on or off which means you have instant control. Due to the fact that the buttons light up, you don’t have to use it in a really bright room and can use it under a duvet if you like. It also makes it easier for other people to control, and despite the battery pack and buttons, the bottom section isn’t too heavy, so you can put it on your favourite settings and not have to hold it once it’s in.


The only improvement I can think of for this toy is to maybe have a thrust function, however, this is a function that is found on most larger rabbits and electric dildos.

Final thoughts

This product is a great first vibe, for people new to sex toys or for people who want quick, solo fun. This is one of my favourite products, it’s small, light, comfortable to use, and never fails to work for me, so it gets 5 stars.


DISCLAIMER: As always, the opinions expressed in this post are my personal opinions and are not meant to cause harm or offence to the mentioned companies or products, or those who enjoy using them.

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Endless Love Silicone Pink Vibrator

This is the post excerpt.

✯✯ (2 stars)


Name: Endless Love Silicone Pink Vibrator

Retail: £30

Shop/Brand: Ann Summers

Type: Vibrator

Properties: Waterproof, internal and external use, 6 pulsation patterns and 2 speeds/intensities

First impressions

If there’s one thing I love about this vibe it’s the feel, the soft silicone feels wonderful to the touch and the shaft is very well moulded. It curves very nicely and feels natural, and looks as if it’d hook round a fit on a g-spot perfectly.

I had high hopes for this product but the first use disappointed me. Usually, the first use of any vibe is intense due to the new toy, and the new batteries (which it doesn’t come with, by the way); and this was intense. However, the vibrations, though powerful were a bit too generalised for me. As mentioned in other blog posts, my relationship to love eggs is a complicated one, and the thing I dislike most about then is that because of the shape the vibrations aren’t targeted enough to produce any response other than a general buzz-which can sometimes tickle more than cause pleasure/stimulation. I felt very much the same with this vibrator, the shape is great but it’s not targeted enough to use alone unless you’re very sensitive-in which case you might find the vibrations a bit ‘sharp’ (for want of a better word).

Major Drawback

I can’t give a second attempt/impression for this toy as I haven’t touched it again. I gave it a brief second chance as a clit stim but it didn’t do much that way either (again, too large/not directional enough). The major issue with this is that it became very hot, to the point that I was concerned about the wiring inside. Under the curve, it became exceedingly hot after less than 5 minutes of use. I checked the packing and as always with battery-powered toys, it suggests turning it off if it overheats, but I’ve never had a toy get that hot before. I will, of course, check with Ann Summers and other reviews and see whether this is an issue or whether I picked up a faulty one and update accordingly.

[UPDATE: I took the toy back and at Ann Summers they agreed that it was getting too hot. They offered to replace it or for me to get something else of the same value]

Final thoughts

Overall, I must give it two stars, as a product it just wasn’t right for me and I doubt I’ll use it again, even if mine is faulty I probably wouldn’t use a replacement as it wasn’t directional enough and even became a little irritating after a while. However, I get the impression that with a directional clit stim such as an Ann Summers bullet at the same time, it could achieve some results, but as a standalone toy, I was less than impressed.



DISCLAIMER: As always, the opinions expressed in this post are my personal opinions and are not meant to cause harm or offence to the mentioned companies or products, or those who enjoy using them.

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